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On Valentine's Day everyone wants to do that something special for their loved one. Many people hit the stores and load up on candy, flowers, and stuffed animals. While this works for some it can tend to cost a lot of money and not necessarily have the desired affect. One thing that never fails to deliver the romance is an intimate dinner for two.

There are many different ways to have a romantic dinner for two. Many people go with the expensive fancy restaurant but even that has its flaws. The service can be bad, it can be too loud, or you can feel like it you don't have any privacy if the place is crowded. The best way to do it is a nice, private, and quiet place where the two of you can just enjoy each other with no distractions.

A good way to do this is to have a picnic. A romantic picnic can allow you to enjoy nature while having alone time. A picnic is only viable if the weather allows for it though. Also insects may show up and make enjoying yourselves difficult.

The best way to have an intimate dinner is to stay at home. Put forth the effort to decorate the place with candles, rose pedals, or anything that your partner will enjoy. That way you can control the environment and not have any negative interference.

In order to devote most of your time getting the setting perfect have an experienced caterer make your dinner so you know it will make the night perfect. Portland Catering Company is your local Portland special event catering service. We can provide catering services, including ready-to-go meals for all of your special occasions, including that intimate Valentine's Day dinner for two.

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Hiring a caterer for your event requires a lot of consideration. Not only do you need to find a caterer that you can rely on, you have to find one with a pleasant food menu. Relaying your needs to a caterer will help to find if they are the right ones for you. This can be difficult if you are unsure of exactly what your needs are. Caterers have three ways of performing there services at your event.iStock 000019803250XSmall

The first is No-Service catering. With this style caterers have the least involvement with your event. The food for your event is either picked up or dropped off. It comes in disposable containers so there won't be any clean up and will come with plastic utensils.

The second is Partial-Service catering. This style of catering provides more involvement from the caterer but not by much. They normally will set up a buffet complete with some table decorations and silverware. After they finish with the set-up they will leave for the duration of your event. Once the event is over the catering staff will return to the location in order to collect their supplies and clean.

The third is Full-Service catering. Like Partial-Service the caterers will set-up and clean the event. In addition though if it is not a buffet they will act as waiters delivering food dishes and picking up dirty dishes. If it is a buffet setting they will have attendants to explain what the dishes are and help to dish up food onto plates.

Portland Catering Company can provide you with any level of service required for your event. Just contact us and let us know what you need.

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When many people think of caterers the usually only think of weddings, which is fair because that is a majority of the catering business. Catering companies are equipped to handle a far greater range of events than just weddings however. It is true that for any event you may be planning it will fall into one of the two main categories of catering, but any caterer will tell you every event is different.salads

If you are charged with planning an event for your work you will be looking for Business Catering. Sometimes this can mean you just have to order food for a big business meeting, while other times it may be food for the big company picnic. When hiring a
Business Caterer one of the main things you want to be after is professionalism. A good Business Caterer should know exactly what they are doing and be able to do it in a timely manner. They should also be very polite the entire time and have smiles while interacting with people. This is important so your company won't associate any bad service with you as the one in charge of the event.

Just about any other event you may be planning falls under the Special Event category of catering. When looking for someone to cater your Special Event be sure that they will be able to meet your specific needs. Some events like weddings will need a more formal style of catering where presentation is key where birthday parties can be more relaxed.

When hiring a caterer be sure to look for an experienced one who will help you form a plan to make your event perfect. Portland Catering Company are pros at providing top-notch Portland business catering services.

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With neighboring areas like Clackamas, Oregon City, and Portland finding a venue in or around West Linn to host your event couldn't be simpler. When figuring out which venue best suits your needs it can be easy to overlook the need for a catering service. Some venues may provide the services, others may not. Some will require outside catering and others will use in-house only. At Portland Catering Company we are equipped to handle any venue for all your catering needs. So give our West Linn Catering a try to help make your event hassle free.


After the most memorable part of your special day you have the reception. Arguably this is where most of your time and energy goes when planning your wedding. Planning out flower patterns, seating arrangements, and what type of music to have. All of which usually doesn't get remembered or talked about as much as what food was there. So when your guests are reminiscing on the food that accompanied your perfect day you want good memories. So try us for your West Linn Catering and give them the memories your big day deserves.


Planning any event tends to come with its own variety of stress and anxiety. You get a picture in your head of what you want the day to be then take steps to make your event fit into that picture. If any deviation from that picture happens the big day can quickly begin to unravel. One of the best favors you can do yourself is calling us for your West Linn Catering needs. At Portland Catering Company helping to make your event picture perfect is what we do.

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Lake Oswego Catering

If you are looking to hold a catered event in Lake Oswego you will find no shortage of venues to hold it in. Whether you are looking for a small intimate space for a birthday party or a large formal space for a banquet, Lake Oswego is ready to accommodate. But whether you're hosting an event for 10 or 100, people will need to be fed. Our Lake Oswego catering service can provide your event with enough to feed your guests at any location you deem to be the right venue and our food selections are top-notch.

Lake Oswego Wedding Catering

After you've picked that perfect place to tie the knot, planning a wedding can be full of so many things to think about. With needing flowers, seating arrangements, and food amongst other things, quite a bit can go wrong. When you're worried about venue, decorations and settings, food is just one extra thing that will full your plate. Why not take one of those problems off your list and call on our Lake Oswego Wedding Catering service? We can provide you with a fantastic meal to accompany your special day.

Lake Oswego Event Catering

Planning a big event takes a lot of preparation to get everything just right. You need to figure out just how many people are coming. Then you need to figure out if you picked a space that's up to the task of fitting all of your guests. Once all that comes together a shortage of quality food can ruin your event. At Portland Catering Company, our Lake Oswego event catering packages are built around the importance of feeding everyone at these events with high quality food selections. So for plenty of delicious food that will leave a lasting impression on every single one of your many guests, give us a call. We can accomodate large gatherings or small office affairs, just ask!

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